Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kelly Willis - Translated from Love

After taking a few years off to devote to her children, Kelly Willis has returned. With the help of her Producer and friend Chuck Prophet and of course her husband, the accomplished singer-songwriter Bruce Robison. This was not business as usual for Willis. In fact, this is a Rock and Roll album with a little bit of Country roots. Kelly Willis wrote or co-wrote 6 songs on on the album. Co-writing with Bruce and Chuck Prophet. However the choice of Chuck Prophet came about, he was the perfect producer. With his history in music and his friendship with Willis and Robison, he understands the roots of where she comes from and where she wants to go. It is obvious from the first listen to Translated from Love that all parties were on the same page.

The first song on the album is a cover of Damon Bramblett's "Nobody Wants to Go to the Moon Anymore." She follows it up with "Sweet Little One" which feature a country vocal style. However, Prophet uses subtle keyboards to give the song a rich texture that hints at what they are trying to accomplish on the album. "Teddy Boys" is a rocker that is a little bit raunchy and definitely shows the influence of Prophet. Willis did not totally walk away from Country Music. For example, "Losing You" is a solid Country Song. Although, listening to a Pop song like "The More That I'm Around You" it is apparent that Kelly Willis' voice could fit just as easily in Rock or Jazz as country. In the end, what Chuck Prophet accomplished with his production was to show the diversity of Willis' voice more than any other album in her under-rated career.

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