Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Michael McDermott & Pieta Brown upcoming releases

Well Folks, I am back from another round of R&R and I wanted to let you know about One Little Indian Records out of San Francisco, which has two upcoming Singer-songwriter releases that I feel are worth noting. The first on August 28th is Michael McDermott's Noise from Words. McDermott is a Chicago based Songwriter. Musically, the album is fairly standard singer-songwriter fare. Lyrically McDermoot is a poetic and powerful voice. His songs are candid and deal with regret ("Mess of Things") but also redemption ("Tread Lightly"). In "No Words" he expresses hope when he declares "The night has come undone and the world has just begun" He also has a famous fan in writer Stephen King who calls McDermott "the greatest undiscovered rock & roll talent of the last 20 years."

Download the free MP3 below:

For my local Birmingham readers Pieta Brown is even more interesting. Her new album Remember the Sun releases on September 25th. She is the daughter of well known Grammy nominated folk singer Greg Brown. After being born in Iowa she and her mother moved here to Birmingham. While growing up in Birmingham Pieta began writing poetry and composing songs for the piano. Her exposure to traditional folk music shows through. However, her gift for composition is really shown with each successive listen to the album. What at first seems very simple is beautifully composed and lands her somewhere between traditional folk and more contemporary female songwriters. The music is rooted in tradition while exploring new boundaries. She is totally mesmerizing!
Download the free MP3 below:

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