Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What is your favorite Wilco album?

My friend Ben pointed this out to me from the Washington Post This guy ranks Wilco albums in the aftermath of their week long Chicag0 gig in which they played their entire catalogue. (I wish I had been there.) The author is a "New School" Wilco fan who downplays their alt-country side, which also makes him a tool in my opinion. You can identify these folks because they are the ones who derided Sky Blue Sky as if the Americana influence was some new direction. Well here is my ranking. I would like to see yours. It is really hard to do because all Wilco albums are great to me, but here goes:

1) Being There
2) Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
3) Sky Blue Sky
4) Summerteeth
5) A Ghost is Born
6) A.M.

It might seem hypocritical to rank A.M. last but to be fair it has a few weak tracks while the others don't. Now let me see your list.


Kelly said...


I agree with your rankings except, I would switch Summerteeth & Sky Blue Sky. I love both, so its not an isult to have one over the other really.....

Eli said...

1) YHF
2) Being There
3) Summerteeth
5) Sky Blue Sky
6) A.M.

I would probably slide Mermaid Avenue Vol. 1 ahead of Summerteeth and put vol. 2 last.....also could probably switch around the last 3, it depends on my mood (my favorite album for late era Wilco maybe Kicking Television)

nice blog, the American Gun post is dead on....

Chip Frazier said...

Good point Eli. I am ther with you on kicking TV. That is why I kept my list to their studio albums and left it off along with the mermaid avenue.

nemski said...

In defense of A.M., all I can say it was my first and you never forget your first, do you?

BTW, hilarious line about your friend being a tool -- if nothing else that made the post.

Patrick said...

I'd bump A.M. up to #2 in the list; otherwise, I'm right there with you.

Ryan said...

Love 'em all. Honestly, each new album is my favorite. I like the newer tunes. Each album (except, oddly enough, A ghost is born, which I have grown to love) has durning there time been my favorite. LP

1) Sky Blue Sky
2) Summerteeth
3) Being There
4) A Ghost is Born
5) Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
6) AM

Sky Blue Sky has my three favorite Wilco songs of all time "Impossible Germany," "You are my Face" and "Side with the Seeds." I put YHF at #5 because I have heard it so much. Summerteeth was such a nugget of ear candy, when it came out. I love the current band, though and agree that I would put Kicking Television 1st or 2nd. I'd put both of the Mermaid Ave's in a tie with AM