Saturday, September 6, 2008

The EPicecenter of obscurity

Recently I have come across some EPs and MySpace pages that intrigued me. Take listen and who knows, you may be able to say I heard them when.

Chris Milam - Tin Angel: This one blew me away from the first note Power Pop with a twist. He mixes in horns on a couple of tunes that give a feel of Memphis Soul or even big band. However make no mistake he is a mature songwriter as the title cut showcases. Get past the fact that he looks 14. Listen to Only One

Jeff Michael - "The Other Side": Produced by David Cobb (Shooter Jennings), this SoCal Songwriter crosses country and mid-tempo rock. Think Tom Petty, Shawn Mullins or Pete Droge. MySpace or His Website

Town & Country - My Blue Heaven: Jangly guitars with good hooks and a tough of The Byrds. The collaboration of a Math Prof. (Arnie Kim, a graphic designer (Scott Gagner) and a writer (Dan Weir). Should such educated people write the following lyric? "First you suck then you lie. If there is a hell I think you qualify" MySpace

Treva Blomquist - As it Should Be: She gained a reputation in several songwriting competitions. She is not just a writer though. She is a singer with a capitol "S." It is only a matter of time until she is on a major label. Website

John Wyatt - Godshock - John is friend of mine who, after enduring some personal pain recently, picked his guitar back up after years of neglect and found it full of songs. He is working on a project titled Godshock. On MySpace MySpace John has some rough cuts of a few of these songs he has written. Listen to Baby Gone

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