Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ben Sollee New EP and Tour

Ben Sollee has a new EP called Something Worth Keeping

He's written a note about it:

"The beauty of people is anchored in imperfection; it is not that we are destructive but that we are ignorant to a better way. We dream big with even bigger costs. Furthermore, we learn the lesson daily that we don’t know what we have until it is gone. Combined, these two qualities are child-like but ever present.

When I look around I see a lot of things that are worth keeping: the mountain tops of Appalachia, family and community farms, art and music in schools, and, most of all, a government by the people and for the people. But how? The challenge that our leaders and us face is that we don’t know how to accomplish these goals. There are many eloquent ideas out there about renewable energy, educational systems, and governing, but realizing them means trying new things; which is daunting at least, and terrifying at most. As my generation takes the reins we should not sacrifice some qualities of this nation and the land in its boundaries to the wayfaring spirit of economy. They are important for Americans, our children, and the rest of the world.

These thoughts inspired these two new songs. But they are only songs…" - Ben Sollee

His upcoming tour starts Saturday. "Only a Song" features Jim James from My Morning Jacket.

Only a Song


whitney said...

he is the best and my favourite i am waiting for all his albums all the time to say the truth he is my all time favourite. pls keep sharing

natalia said...

one of the best downloads i ve did thanks for everything