Friday, April 30, 2010

Alejandro Escovedo - Street Songs of Love.

Alejandro Escovedo will be releasing Street Songs of  Love on June 29th, which is the day after my birthday. I think he planned it that way. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. What better birthday present is there than a new Alejandro release. There are no secrets here. It is pretty obvious what the songs are about, but as would be expected Escovedo takes an unconventional approach to the subject. Sometimes the approach is poignant and sometimes alarming but it is done Alejandro style. This record has at its' core R&B undertones yet still gets edgy and showcases his punk roots at times.

Do you like guests? Is Bruce Springsteen big enough for you? The "Boss" contributes vocals on "Faith" one of the more edgy songs on the album. His primary songwriting partner is Friend and cohort Chuck Prophet, who co-wrote about half of the songs on Street Songs of Love. As you would expect the arrangements are crisp. In short, the loyal cult like fans of Alejandro will love this one.

Check out a live cut:

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