Thursday, May 27, 2010

Susan Cowsill - Lighthouse

From the beginning track "Dragonfly," Susan Cowsill recalls days when she was a kid and youth was full of hope. This uptempo rock song sets a positive mood for the album. Cowsill seems to have recaptures the innocence of youth on lighthouse. The irony of all of this, is the fact her life has recently been full of tragedy. First the New Orleans native was dispersed by Katrina. Then her two brothers and former musical partners Bill and Barry Cowsill died. 

You have to wonder what has driven her to emerge from such a situation with so much hope. When she sings, "I never break but I bend and I'm gonna live it to the sweet bitter end" you can feel she means in the music. On lighthouse her hope is fueled by a strong will and determination. She is not buying into naive hope, but it is a real hope rebirthed from tragedy. Instead of turning bitter she is ready to put the top down on the convertible and drive into the future.

The sounds of this album hearken back to her days in the Continental Drifters. Fans who have missed the Continental Drifters like I have will definitely want to add this to their collection. 

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Kev A said...

To my shame, I'd never heard anything by Susan before- fabulously honest, life-affirming, empathic: glad I stumbled across your site!