Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jon Langford - Old Devils

Is it possible for the leader of bands like the Waco Brothers andhe Mekons to become introspective, and produce an album that results in something beyond the live music bar bash that characterizes every Waco Brothers show? The simple answer is yes. Langford is also a very accomplished outsider artist, maybe his visual art is bleeding into his songwriting.

The Rootsy Punk is still there, but there is also an introspective biography embedded in the album. There are autobiographical tracks and stories of other characters, who seem to exhibit traits and faults that he sees in himself. Dare I say the album is Folk with Pumk undertones. That description seems as oxymoronic as James Taylor spitting on his audience in a Sid Vicious type rage. In reality, that is what Jon Langford's  audience is presented with on Old Devils

Why are the words so poignant this time around? Only Langford can answer that for himself. However, no matter who you are or what your vocation, there comes a time when you must mature from being an innovator to a mentor. This is an uncomfortable task for some people. Langford seems to be straddling the fence himself. If so, that is a shame because Jon Langford is the type of multi-faceted creative genius that young artists should seek out. Maybe we could start a petition to get him on the next "Dancing with the Stars." In fact, what could get him more recognition than doing the tango while grabbing the ass of some forgotten actress. If nothing else, Jon Langford could make reality TV worth watching.

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Bill Frater said...

Real nice review. I think Langford has been leaning towards more topical subjects in recent years, even with the Wacos. I'm not ready for "Dancing With The Stars" though. Nor is he!