Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Greencards - The Brick Album

It does not seem long ago that the Greencards burst onto the New Grass scene. Almost immediately they captured audiences with music that blended influences from their Australian, European and American heritages. With the release of their fifth studio album, The Brick Album, The Greencards are now one of the most respected bands around. Their musicianship is admired by their peers, and the voice of Australian lead singer, Carol Young, is captivating. On the duet "Heart Fixer", Young is joined by Vince Gill and their voices complement each other with perfection. The album leads off with another all-star guest, Sam Bush, on the song "Make it Out West", which takes the smooth style of the band and adds the kick of Bush's mandolin.

The guest appearances are well chosen, but The Greencards are just as impressive on their own. The Greencards eclectic musical and lyrical brilliance is on full display in each track. The Brick  also captures the energy and passion of the band. Their passion was understated on their previous two releases, but this new project has a live feel. Anyone who has been to a Greencards show knows exactly to what I am referring.

The Greencards are an ever evolving band. With each release the expand their horizon. They don't seem content standing. Instead they continue to push boundaries, which makes room for a growing fan base.

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