Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dan Hubbard and the Humadors - The Love Show

It wasn't that long ago when someone asked me "Why doesn't anyone make Rock n' Roll" anymore?" Like many folks, he quit looking for new music after he graduated college, and was now trying to search the radio for new Rock n' Roll. If he asked that today, I would give him a copy of Dan Hubbard and the Humadors new release, The Love Show, and end his search. This Central Illinois based band, serves up Rock with hooks that latch on from the opener "Don't Take Me Now" and never let go.

Dan Hubbard gets it, Rock and Roll is best when it is uncomplicated. There are no gimmicks or pretenses found on The Love Show, just really great melodies. These are the songs that make you want to crank the volume and go for a drive. Just don't set the iPod on repeat or you may never come back.

As a songwriter, Hubbard follows a similar uncomplicated formula. Guess what indie rockers! You don't have to be an art school student on anti-depressants to write lyrics. Hubbard has a troubadour's gift, creating songs that balance life's tough times with hope and healing. On "This is Your Life" Hubbard sings, "Life isn't fair and that's Ok. It's crazy how much things can change before you even realize. This is your life. Yeah, there's some things you can't control. Yeah, sometimes you have to let go. Yeah, everything is gonna be fine. We're doin' alright baby." What is wrong with plain spoken wisdom?

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