Thursday, October 18, 2007

Deadstring Brothers - Silver Mountain

The Deadstring Brothers Have expanded their sound and released the best pure Rock and Roll album of the year. The new Bloodshot records release is entitled Silver Mountain. Sounding like The Rolling Stones and Black Crowes at a Honky Tonk bar fight, this album kicks ass! Starving Winter Report their previous release was excellent and difficult to top, but they did it by bringing in some fresh guns. Namely Spencer Cullum, on Pedal steel, Lap steel and Dobro; and Pat Kenneally, on Piano and B3 Organ. They hooked up with these new musicians at the Heavy Load nightclub in England. The Heavy Load is apparently a hipster club in England that features classic and progressive American Rock of the 60's and early 70's. It is also inspiration for the albums anthem, "Heavy Load."

The album comes out of the gate at full speed with the rave up "Ain't No Hidin' Love," then it move straight into the aforementioned "Heavy Load." "If You Want Me To" channels the Rolling Stones Circa 1968-69 when they cut Let it Bleed then headed to Muscle Shoals, Alabama to begin work on Sticky Fingers. In fact, much of the album seems to have been influenced by the Stones of the late 60's. However, they also go country on "You Look Like the Devil." The song "Rolin' Blues" sounds right out of the Delta especially with Cullum tearing up his Dobro on the solo. Of course they also showcase a little Southern Rock on "Queen of the Scene." The album comes with a Suregeon General's warning. Listening might be habit forming.

Listen to "Heavy Load"

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