Tuesday, October 2, 2007

John Fogerty - Revival

John Fogerty releases his new album Revival this week. Fogerty's career comes full circle on this release. He connects the present to his past, and in doing so kicks off a party at the roadhouse. In fact, he seems to be having as much fun as ever on Revival. Even his political songs sound more fun than serious. Not that what he is saying isn't serious. It is as if the years have made him wise enough to know that Rock and Roll is first and foremost a good time.

Fogerty embraces his past on songs like "Summer of Love." Although there seems to be some tongue in cheek cynicism when he is referring to the truth everyone was searching for and asks, "Will they find it or just an excuse?" Fogerty also pays another tongue in cheek tribute to his past. In this case he references his own musical history in "Creedence Song." I have to think he had in mind people who come to his solo shows just to hear CCR tunes and are not familiar with his great solo work. After all, he has probably heard people scream, "Play some Creedence" as much as Lynyrd Skynyrd has heard "Freebird." The first single off the album is "Don't You Wish it Was True," which is more of a mid-tempo rocker. As mentioned before there are a few political songs on the album. However, on songs such as "Long Dark Night" and "I Can't Take it No More" Fogerty reminds us that the best protest songs are the ones you can dance to. So listen, enjoy and even dance a little.

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