Monday, November 12, 2007

Hope for an Indie Artist - Randu Kohrs gets grassroots support on CMT

Defying the odds, resophonic guitarist Randy Kohrs' video "Who's Goin' With Me" (from his excellent album Old Photograph) has risen up to number 3 on the listener picked CMT Pure 12 Pack countdown show. He is also starting to get a bit of notice from radio outlets. Anyone who understands how things work in Nashville can understand how difficult it is for an independent label and artist to get this kind of play. I take this as a sign of life for the Nashville mainstream music scene. Maybe they are willing to try something new in the wake of declining sales. If the Nashville music industry's greed and desire for revenue begin to favor "real" and indie country artists for a change, that will be the ultimate irony. We can only hope.

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