Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cartridge Family - Shine Like a Bottle

"I still remember what you look like, buck naked riding your bike." I am not a songwriter myself and it is hard to pin down exactly what constitutes a good roots rock song. However, I know this; if you write a song that involves someone getting buck naked and riding something, you have succeeded. The Cartridge Family has certainly succeeded on the song "Do You Remember." Their new album Shine Like a Bottle mixes a punk ethos with good ol' Rock n' Roll. The kind of Rock playing right now in some garage near you. Like I said it is good roots rock.

The Cartridge Family hails from Raleigh, North Carolina. They are a nice addition to the thriving North Carolina roots scene. In the era of shoegazing atmospheric indie rock (a lot of which I like), it is nice to do what I'm doing as I write this review, pop a cold one and tap my foot to a good beat. So if that sounds good to you too, hop on the Cartridge Family bus. (David Cassidy and Susan Dey not allowed on this ride.)

Check out their MySpace Site which features some classic Partridge Family audio. "Come On Get Happy"

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