Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Justin Townes Earle and The Raconteurs Release 3-25

It is a blessing and a curse for the progeny of a legend to launch a music Career. However, Justin Townes Earle has what it talkes what I have heard of this album so far is really good. He is original wjile drawing for rootsy influences. He should have no problem eberging from the family shadow.

Check out his
MySpace site to listen

For all of you Jack White/White Stripes/Raconteurs fans if this video doesn't hype you for the new album you have no groove:



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Hi AWoT,

On behalf of XL Recordings and Warner Bros Records, many thanks for plugging “Consolers Of The Lonely” ... .. thanks also, on behalf of the labels and The Raconteurs, for not posting any pirate links although, if your readers would like a good quality, non-pirated, preview clip, a widget of the promo video for “Salute Your Solution” (as already featured on your site) is available for fans and bloggers to embed at



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