Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Signposts: Along the Information Super Highway

In signpost I try to point out what my blogger friends are writing about:

I wanted to point out an article by Baron at Twang Nation. Responds to the the Moron at Aquarium Drunkard who tried to tie the demise of No Depression and believe it or not the sale of Western Shirts at the Gap to the death of Alt-Country and Roots Rock. When you look at the the young talent and the Genre bending music coming out every week. It is easy to poke holes in the argument. However, Baron does a great job in putting the bozo who wrote the article in his place.

Head over to Twangville and Check Mayer's playlist and video companion. Also Mayer provides a link to help out Chris Gaffney of the Hacienda Brothers as he battles liver cancer.

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