Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bluegrass Mecca in the OC

The organic and social nature of Bluegrass is one of the main attractions of the genre. As a culture we are losing our sense of community and our pace of life seems to be ever accelerating. That is why this "Hillbilly Music" is now attracting such disparate participants. There are few better ways to find connection than "roots" music.

Consider this quote from the Orange County Register:

"But those looking to gawk at hillbillies wearing straw hats, sporting gap-toothed grins and playing washboards should look elsewhere.

'We are not one-shoulder strapped overalls, minus teeth and no education. … We don't go around making the pigs squeal,' says Spiegel, a Southern California fiddle champion.

A 'good 70 percent' of the people who play bluegrass music have college degrees, says Spiegel, a fiddle teacher who's counted doctors, lawyers and scientists among her students."

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Bluegrass Mecca in an Archery Range

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