Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hidden Gem Part 1 - Twilight Hotel

As I've already mentioned Tuesday is going to be a big day for new releases. Because of this fact, a couple of Gems releasing on 1-29 that could easily get lost in the Hoopla. Twilight Hotel Highway Prayer is the first one I would like to point out. This Winnipeg based male-female duo enlisted fellow Canadian Colin Linden to produce the album, However, the project was recorded in Nashville with a stellar group of musicians. The band's version of Americana can be a little dark, but Linden did an excellent job of producing the album and it is certainly no downer. For example the Rockabilly influenced opener "Viva La Vinyl" Kick things out of the chute. Overall though, the album is typified by a mellow and contemplative brand of Folk and Americana.

"Viva La Vinyl"

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Jim Malec said...

Yep. Couldn't agree more. TH has a very unique, earthy sound that is well worth checking out.