Monday, January 28, 2008

Hidden Gems Part 2 - Jewly Hight

Previously I identified Twilight Hotel as a gem that could be easily missed in the plethora of releases on July 29th. The other one is Jewly Hight - Darlin' Understand. Hight is a music critic who is releasing her first album. In fact, you have probably read her in No Depression. Well, she needs to consider putting down the pen and picking up the microphone full time. She is a talented songwriter. Additionally, the arrangements and influences she includes in her compositions allow her to stand out in the crowded female singer-songwriter marketplace. Lyrically you would expect a writer who lists Flannery O'Connor as one of her biggest influences to deliver, and she does. The songs range from Blues to Gospel to country to rock all wrapped in a sort of Southern Gothic package. Some songs like "White Knuckles" are more ethereal others like the Gospel of "Answer" are more upbeat. The Rock numbers range from the guitar heavy "Wheels Come Off" to the Southern Soul of "Poke Salad." Her voice, which sounds similar to Rosanne Cash, allows her to pull off all of these style changes without a hitch.

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