Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jeb Loy Nichols - Days are Mighty

On his new album Days are Mighty, Jeb Loy Nichols occupies a territory somewhere between the Soul influenced folk of Martin Sexton and a more acoustic singer-songwriter sound. The album starts out with the more soul/R&B leanings of "My Kind" and the title track "Days are Mighty." The title track is a comforting hopeful song. The message seems to be that, even when life's obstacles are daunting, time goes on and heals. Lyrically the song "25 Years Too Late" views time in another way. When you try to heal wounds in relationships time will only result in regret. All of us can relate to this concept based on the scar tissue of our life.

Relationships are touched on in a very real way in this album. No idealistic love can be found on Days. Indeed Nichols says of the way music portrays relationships that "popular music has a lot to answer for - song after song about something that is at best, painfully hard work." That was his motivating principle in writing "Let's Not Fall." The song has a lighthearted beat that covers up its' cynicism. It may be cynical message but the veracity of his sentiments are not to be denied.

Overall Jeb Loy Nichols has given us a group of songs on Days are Mighty that provide an impactful musical and emotional milieu. It will release this Tuesday, May 6th.

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