Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Signposts: Along the Information Super Highway

Here is what som of my blogger friends are covering:

Check out the Old 97s Review on Twangville.

Erica Says:
(Blame it in Gravity) merges the big Johnny Cash-guitar twangy feel that was so prevalent in earlier records like my all-time favorite Wreck Your Life as well as the more straight-ahead Brit Pop twangy feel found on Satellite Rides. The 97s finally seem to realize that you can go home again, and by incorporating the person you used to be with the person you have become, the two halves can create a solid whole that endures

Read Americana Roots review of the New Sierra Hull

Sierra Hull is poised to make a huge impact on the modern bluegrass scene. One can only wonder how she can continue to improve with experience. We should all enjoy this.

Matt at The 9513 says of Ashton Shepherd and her song "Sounds So Good"

Sincerity courses and pulsates through this song. Just as Travis described love in the only words that a country boy understands, Shepherd lovingly sings her life’s soundtrack in a voice imbued with honest, lived experiences

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