Tuesday, May 8, 2007

"Feisty" New Release

Canadian songstress Leslie Feist, who simply goes by Feist, has released an excellent new album, “The Reminder”. Her background is varied and she is probably best known for recordings with Broken Social Scene. She started out as a punk singer and has worked with hip-hop musicians as well. However, “The Reminder” focuses on her songwriting skills. It has an airy Jazz/Pop feel. It is very mellow without being Melancholy. One of the highlights of the album is a cover of Nina Simone’s “See Line Woman.” It has ballads like “So Sorry” and more Jazzy tunes like "1234." The real strength of the album is its balance, mixing the use of electronics with acoustic instrumentation, including the banjo.

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powersdc said...

I agree, Chip. The album does show off her songwriting skills...and her ability to blend instrumentation and bounce from genre to genre.

Here's my review (which I know you've seen):