Thursday, May 10, 2007

More Honky less Tonky

Dale Watson has just released his new album “From the Cradle to the Grave.” In a related story, the world is coming to an end. That is no misprint. I know this because CMT is playing the video “Justice for All.” What next? Will country radio stations start playing country music? Probably not before the world ends but I can still hope. In fairness, CMT has often mixed in some good with the standard soccer mom fluff played on country radio. “Justice for All” is a great song that reflects on the dichotomy between justice and victims who long for revenge. The justice theme comes up again on the slow lament of a death row inmate, “Big Yellow Mama.” The title to this song refers to the nickname of the electric chair in my home state of Alabama.

The rest of the album explores the variety of country music influences that Watson has acquired over his illustrious career. In fact, there is more diversity on this album than any Album in his career and that is saying a mouthful. There may not be a better voice in country music right now. His voice really shines on songs like “You always get what you always got.” This album is certainly one to own. There is not a throw away song on the entire album. Dale Watson has expanded his repertoire a lot since his early trucker themed honky tonk songs and become one of the best country crooners around.

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