Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Adam Hood Tour Guide of the South

Opelila, AL native Adam Hood's new album "Different Groove" has been released on Little Dog Records. The album was produced by Pete Anderson (Dwight Yoakam, K.D. Lang, Roy Orbison, Buck Owens, Michelle Shocked). Since he reportedly tours almost 300 days a year, you would think that Hood would be little road weary by now. Just listen to his complaints about the monotony of the interstate highway system on "Cars and Trucks and Me," and you know he has logged his share of miles.

Road weariness is not evident on "Different Groove." To the contrary, the album takes the listener on a Southern road trip of its own. Beginning with a roadhouse rocker that sounds straight out of the heart of Texas, "22 Days Too Long." The album also stops in Louisiana with the song "Varnado." "Fool of an Honest Man" sounds as if it could have been recorded in Muscle Shoals. It goes without saying that this musical tour also stops in Nashville, with several of the songs having a country flair. It is important to note that this is no limousine tour with champagne. It is a bus tour with a case of beer. What makes the "Different Groove" tour so memorable is the fact that the tour guide is a Helluva Songwriter. (P.S. A note to Birmingham fans, Hood will be playing City Stages in June.)

Here is video made by a musical kindred spirit of Adam's Justin Johnson. It is set to a previously released song:


Brody said...

Good review, Chip. Have you ever had the chance to catch him live yet? If not, I'd highly recommend it.

Nice blog, too.

Chip Frazier said...

I'm going to see him in June in Birmingham. He has played Birmingham a good bit but I am currently travelin gduring the week for my day job so I have missed his last couple of birmingham appearances. Thanks for the input.

j frazier said...

So, when is he coming back to Louisiana? Send him south...waaay South!

Chip Frazier said...

He is touring all the time. I imagine he'll be through there at some point. His website will have his tour dates