Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pela Releases First Full Length Album

Encroaching on the territory already occupied this year by The Shins and Modest Mouse is the debut full length release by Brooklyn based band Pela, Anytown Graffiti. However, they are not making the territory crowded. In fact, they are definitely expanding the neighborhood, and it seems they have moved in to stay.

It is certainly nice to see an Indie Rock band that doesn’t feel the need for constant shoe gazing melancholy when shining a light on the human condition. The anthems on Anytown Graffiti rock with a dramatic flare comparable to the Decemberists (although Pela is less literary). Fronted by the earnest vocals of Billy McCarthy, the sound of Pela catches on and won’t let go. Paste Magazine compares their dramatics and style to U2, which is an unfair burden to put on them and not unlike comparing a young quarterback to John Elway. I don’t want to over-hype this band, especially since the future of any band is always hard to predict. However, these young guys are doing it the right way.

Listen to songs like “Lost to the Lonesome,” “Drop Me Off” and “Your Desert's Not a Desert at All” to make up your own mind.

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